Parenting and Privacy


It dawned on me this morning, as I was sitting on the commode, that I will most likely not have any privacy for the next 4-5 years.  Maybe more? Oye.  It was not hard to come to this conclusion.  As I was trying to expedite my morning “ritual,” my son pushes his way into the downstairs powder room, book in hand.  “Hi!” He likes to announce himself as he enters pretty much any room. He is uber curious about anything having to do with the potty, so he is instantly intrigued.  I’m like, “buddy, mommy needs some privacy.”  Of course, this request has no affect on little O.  He is at this point climbing over me to get to the toilet paper. I somehow direct him out and keep the door ajar enough to keep an eye on him.

No sooner than I sigh, he is back.  This time pushing his Thomas the Tank riding toy into the tiny room like a bulldozer.  There is barely enough room for the two of us and the heavy door that swings into the room, let alone a push toy singing songs of Thomas and his friends.  I drop my head into my hands.  This is my life.  My glamorous life.  Pooping in front of my child and Thomas the Tank.  All Aboard!

I share this moment of Too Much Information, because I need to know….it happens to all of us who are home with our children, right?  We ALL don’t have privacy, correct?  I’m sure there are moms and dads who have the means to have an au pair or a nanny to assist….but for the most part, the breech of privacy is universal.  Right? Cause if it isn’t, what am I doing wrong? I can’t seem to justify locking myself into the bathroom for vanity’s sake.  Do you know what kind of havoc could occur in the five or ten minutes I might not have my eye on our little explorer?  It is not a viable option.  I am left to think my only recourse is to grin and bear it.

I can only imagine how our lack of privacy will expand as O gets older.  But the truth of the matter is – I’ll take it.  If it’s part of the deal of getting to raise this little guy, then, by all means, pooping with Thomas and friends is a small price to pay. It just strikes me that we stay-at-home parents really have some odd things that just become our normal.  You just don’t think about it until you are in the moment.  I guess our sense of humor and our incredible love for our child gets us through everything.

Here’s to parenting and a lack of privacy! Cheers! Until next time, keep fighting the good fight and remember behind every great kid is a mom who is pretty sure she is screwing it up! Thanks for reading! Xo

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  1. naturallymom says:

    hahaha you make me die laughing, sometimes!

    surely we are all in the same conditions, but is mostly a problem of mothers, because once that dads were locked in … lucky them, because there are people (us, of course) who think of the toddler!
    But gone are the four years old (three sometimes) I think it can change, they begin to have more interesting things of assist your “sessions poop” and they can act undisturbed!
    And infact it could be more worrying for us sites in the commode, when you can’t get up … in THATmoment… and they are somwhere… doing something wrong in religiuous silent!
    I think we can also enjoy this fun part of cohabitation with a biped under one meter tall! It will be a fun memory! 😀 😀

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