One of THOSE days

It is one of those days.  There has been a gray gloom hovering over New England this past week.  The temperature has not gone above 40 degrees and the chill in the damp air seems permanent.  I am not impressed.  Who knows if the bulb flowers will actually bloom this year?  They had started to pop up weeks ago only to be covered with a layer of icy snow that just wouldn’t melt.  And though the snow is all but gone, their fate is still unknown.  As April approaches, only days away, the bone chilling temperatures remain…accompanied by rain.  What I wouldn’t do for a patch of blue sky and a 70 degree day!

My will for indoor activities is fading and my patience is growing thin.  It’s times like these I feel like I am losing the good fight.  Poor O must feel couped up like a chicken without a barn yard or a cow without a pasture.  (We’ve been playing Farm a lot!).  He is such an outdoor boy, but I just can’t bring myself to brave the drizzle and chill.  He wants to be outside playing in the dirt.  (Well, it’s mud right now). He whines.  I want to scream.  So I call my husband at work and whine to him about my day’s plight.  It doesn’t make me feel better because I know I am being ridiculous.  Yet, it takes everything in me NOT to turn on PBS Kids and get on with MY day.

We color.  We do stickers.  We read.  We play with Legos.  We build a garage for his cars.  He empties the utensil drawer in the kitchen.  I check the clock. It only 10:02!!!! Holy Crap! There are still two more hours til lunch! How am I gonna get through this day?? I know I am not the only mother stuck in the house on a rainy frigid morning with her toddler! Why does it feel like I am?  Because that is motherhood.  We are this incredibly resourceful army of women who collectively are going through pretty much the same things, and yet we feel isolated.  Because on days like today, who the hell wants to brave the weather?  Who wants to sit on an icy bench at the playground and watch my child go down the slide while my butt cheeks freeze off?  Not this lacking Mama.  I need to curl up under a blanket with a cup of hot tea.

I always find this time of year the most challenging.  Winter seems to hang on, out staying its welcome.   By this point, were all pretty much sick of anything pumpkin.  And the romance of hibernating with all that Danish hygge has hit the annoying point.  You can only light so many candles!  The novelty of winter is gone.  Add a stir crazy toddler to that recipe and you get what I call, “One of those days.” I can only hope it doesn’t last.

So that’s where I’m at.  I basically just want to complain.  Pretty much like my son.   I want to will the warmer weather to take hold.  I want to bask in some freakin sunshine.  I want to be hot! (Who’da thought, huh?)  So Mother Nature, hear me now.  As one of the leading Mothers of this earth, you need to lend your earthly sisters a helping hand.  I can only imagine I speak for many mothers when I say, we are getting to the end of our ropes here.  Bring on the warm weather!  Inspire us to frolic outdoors with our children.  Invite us to lay on the warm grass and gaze at the cloudscape.  Implore us to plant seeds and watch them grow.  It’s time.  Thank you.

Until next time, keep fighting the good fight, and remember, behind every great kid is a mom who is pretty sure she is screwing it up.  Thanks for reading friend! Namaste.



Baby It’s Cold Outside


Winter has arrived.  At least in New England it has.  My days of escaping the frigidity by spending winters in the Caribbean or Florida are over.  At least for now.  And I’m ok with that.  My husband has armed me with sets of cuddlduds (fancy long underwear), fuzzy slippers, cute winter hats, and high strength moisturizing balms.  I’m all set.

I packed the Christmas decorations away yesterday (yeah, I keep them up for a while. I’m like that).  I am seeking out indoor activities for little O, as well as suiting him up in some super warm winter wear so we can be outside for as long as possible.  We found an amazing gymnastics school that does an open gym session for an hour on Wednesday mornings.  What a wonderful thing! If you are looking for something for your toddler to do to burn some of that crazy energy….check in your area.  I bet there is something like it near you. Even a local YMCA may have a similar program.

My point is, I’m thinking that hibernating for the winter with a toddler may be a whole different animal than adult hibernation.  Let’s face it, I was never very good at the adult version.  My strategy was to run to a warmer climate.  But now, I’m actually looking forward to the snow! Boy, how motherhood changes you!  I truly can’t wait to see O’s excitement for the snow.   I can’t wait to pull him up and down the driveway in a little sled and to watch him play in the white powder.  I know, I’m romanticing the whole scenario.  There will also be wet cold hands, crying, and 6 am snow clearing.  I’m aware.  Yet, I still look forward.  It’s like giving birth has released a euphoric hormone into my brain….and despite the harsh cold realities of the winter freeze, I am still excited and, dare I say, giddy about winter.  Anyone who knows me is wondering what the zombies did with me.  I’m telling you, to coin a lyric from the musical Wicked, “I have been changed for good.”

I am sure I am like a broken record about Gratitude.  It’s very “Oprah-esque,” I know.  It has truly become habit for me.  There was a time when I had to work hard at being grateful. It was a challenge to wrap my head around finding the positives.  Yet, in hind sight, they were all around me.  It’s not just since the birth of O that there is wonder surrounding me.  My life has been blessed from the start.  I just didn’t always see it.  Part of it is my maturing emotionally.  Part of it is my whole heartedly believing in the practice of gratitude.  The rest is part of my brain coming to life.  That’s actually a real thing in regards to motherhood. Check it out.

The more positive I become, the less room I have for negatives.  My mind literally switches them off.  It’s not automatic yet for me.  I have to make the choice to stop listening.  I want to live in Happiness.  I want more Joy.  I want Calm and Peace wrapping around me like a cozy blanket.  I’m sure I seem very Polyanna to a naysayer.  So be it.  I didn’t understand the super power of gratitude, either.  What’s the saying? The secret to having it all…. is believing that you do.  Perspective is everything!

So let the Winter have its due.  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Let the weather be frightful.  My heart is warm and bursting.  Just at this moment I am snuggling up to a hot cup of apple cinnamon tea and polishing up my rose colored glasses.  Winters up here can last through March!

Until next time, keep fighting the good fight, keep warm, and remember, behind every great kid is a mom who is pretty sure she is screwing it up! Thanks for reading! Xo